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About Your Free Coaching

Yes. All coaching booked via is 100% free. All we ask is that you provide feedback to your coach within 24 hours of the session to help them improve. 

To be eligible for free coaching you should be a human being of at least 18 years. There are no other criteria.

All sessions booked on are 2 hours long. You may use less time if the full 2 hours isn’t needed, but your coach will help manage the time.

Our coaches have a range of coaching skills that can be applied to most domains. Whether you are looking to improve your health, career, relationships, business or life in general, our coaches can certainly help you.

No. Just bring yourself and an open mind.

Not necessarily. You might benefit from a coaching session to help you explore your vision and general outlook in life. If you are uncertain of where you are at and want help exploring what to do next in life, our coaches can help you with this exploration.

All coaching booked on takes place on either Zoom or Skype. Once booked, your coach will e-mail you to ask which tool is best for you to use.

About is a free service powered by SPEAKup – one of Europe’s largest communication training organisations. Our mission with is to help 1 million people experience the power of coaching.

Yes. Your data is held securely within our state of the art system and is never given to any third party organisations. Our Privacy Policy is here.

Currently we are only taking coaches from selected training organisations. is powered by SPEAKup. You can reach SPEAKup Support between 09:00-17:00 BST Monday-Friday. Visit our support page here to get in touch.