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Helping professionals supercharge their careers and personal breakthroughs by a proven and structured 5 step process

Patrick O'Riordan
Mid-life Career Coach
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To be able to help others truly transform their lives, is in itself personally transformational❤️‍🔥. I have always truly enjoyed helping others.

Deborah Gordon
Life Coach
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As a Breakthrough Coach I have witnessed the importance of having a calm, relaxed and yet professional environment for the clients to share their emotions, struggles and wins equally, which I am more than happy to provide.

Ninette Sandberg
Mindset Game-Changer Coach
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Helping Women know their worth and prioritise their Self Care WHOLE-listically. You can go from Despair to Self-Care, and be Confident, Authentic, and Powerful in your Mind, Body, and Lifestyle

Doreen Horsley
WHOLE-listic Coach
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My mission is to coach men, who have lost their confidence, self esteem and may also have been exposed to domestic violence. He has spent years studying the mindset and ways of his Nordic ancestors, the Vikings and how they can help with these areas.

Johan Rylander
Viking Mindset Coach
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Helping Online Entrepreneurs and Network Marketers scale their business and reach the next level by being accountable.

Ryan Osborne
Accountability and Mindset Coach

How it Works

We have a select few coaches that can provide a greater service for your needs.

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    Find the coach that stands out for your needs
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    Book your Free Discovery Session with this coach.
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    Meet your coach, get some awareness and next steps. Learn about how they can help you further
  4. Then...
    Organise your next steps - registering to become a client to get transformational results.
  5. Done!
    Reach your goals, defeat your obstacles and have a plan of action to move forward.

About Our Featured Coaches



These coaches have a range of qualifications to support you on your journey. Many are Advanced or Master level qualified.



Our featured coaches are experts in particular areas, so they can provide much greater value on your journey.



Our featured coaches have had lots of hours working with clients to get the desired results. They have been there and coached people through it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Book in a free discovery session with a coach of your choice. This will be an introduction section to establish your reasons for wanting coaching and to see if you are the right fit for each other.

The discovery session is up to 1 hour long. After this, you will likely book in further sessions which can be agreed with the coach and yourself.

Yes, you can change your coach if you do not connect on the discovery call. Once you enter into an agreement with any of the coaches for further support, you will need to fulfill this agreement before switching coaches.

Book the call in with the links above 'Book in Premium Coaching'. The sessions are usually held on zoom or skype, You will receive further instructions once you have booked.

You can decide. We can schedule coaching sessions for you and the coach. You will see when the coaches are available and can book in your session around this.

The initial discovery session for 1 hour is free, any sessions after this will be paid. The fees and programmes can be discussed with your coahes on the discovery sessions.

Head over to to attend a 1-day free diploma in coaching.

Coaching is designed to help you to achieve your goals and overcome any barriers that are holding you back. This is a skill that requires extensive training and experience. It also requires investment (mentally and financially) to ensure that clients commit to the journey and have accountability

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