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About Our Practice Clients


A Big Challenge

They are trying to break through and achieve a big personal or professional goal. But they need a little help.



Our practice clients are from all around the world, and all coaching sessions are conducted in English.


Feedback Friendly

Our practice clients will do their best to help you improve as a coach by giving you helpful feedback.

Unfortunately we are unable to accept new coaches on the platform at this time. 

Trusted by over 12,000 coaches from 42 countries worldwide

Star Star Star Star Star

“Practicing my coaching skills on real clients is giving me a massive confidence boost”

Michael Page
Life Coach
Star Star Star Star Star

“It's so refreshing to be able to set my availability each week and just have practice appointments land in my inbox”

Rebecca Small
Career & Mindset Coach
Star Star Star Star Star

“Getting testimonials from international clients looks great on my website and in my marketing"

Helen Shultz
Confidence Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you've purchased a package, you'll have between 4th-24th October 2021 (3 weeks) to use your client credits. You simply tell us when you would like to coach, and we will schedule coaching appointments for you.

Each appointment we make for you with a new client is for 2 hours. We call this a 2 Hour Breakthrough Coaching Session. Some coaches decide to offer their clients a further free follow on appointment, but this is optional.

No. The Coachora platform will match you with practice clients based on your availability. Coaching skills can be applied to any challenge (e.g. life, relationships, career, business), so we expect all coaches using the platform to be flexible and support each client no matter what challenge they bring.

We have an impressive 95% show up rate to our appointments. In the odd case that a client doesn't show up, we will happily give you an extra client credit so you can enjoy another appointment.

The coaching is all done virtually. When we schedule new appointments for you, we will ask that you contact the client and discuss with them the best way for the session to take place. Most of our coaches opt for using Zoom or Skype for their coaching sessions.

You can decide. We can schedule coaching sessions for you anytime Mon-Sun, 07:00-21:00. The more availability you have, the higher the chance we will find you practice clients.

Yes. If you set your availability and we are unable to find you practice clients, we will refund you for any unused client credits. We have a 98% success rate in finding coaches high quality practice clients.

No. This is not a selling platform. If a practice client requests further information, you may provide them with it. Any coach found pitching themselves to practice clients will be banned from the service.

We recruit practice clients from all over the globe. All coaching sessions take place in English. Common countries include: Australia Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czechia Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy Luxembourg Malta Monaco Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey Ukraine United Kingdom Plus Many More!

We invest heavily in advertising and outreach campaigns to ensure we have a strong database of practice clients for you. In addition, we have many costs associated with running the platform and supporting users. It is therefore only possible by charging a fee.

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